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01. basic info

name rosanna james de leon nicknames rosie, ro, rose date of birth & age 29 September, 1986 & 30 occupation owner of mrs. johnson's adult novelty shop hometown charlotte, north carolina current residence boston, massachusetts status on again/off again with elias lerner orientation kinsey 3
02. biography
• (birth to age 14) rosanna james was born to duke and charleen de leon in 1986. her parent were newly (and dysfunctionally) married and had no business raising a child. they were thieves and liars, people who never worked an honest day in their life. they moved constantly, from one rundown apartment to another, in different cities and states. they ran from the law and from their problems. it was never understood why they even bothered to keep rosie around when all they did was complain about how much it cost to feed her and clothe her. she didn't go to school because they never settled down in one place long enough. she had few toys and sometimes all she had were the clothes on her back. her parents did, to their credit, teach her how to read and she read everything from the ingredients on her cereal boxes to the billboards they passed on the highway. books were like gold to her and as she got older, she got better about collecting them and keeping them on her whenever they packed up and moved again. from about the time they taught her to read, they also taught her to pick locks, to act like a lost child, to shimmy her way into air ducts and other places her parents couldn't go. they used her in their life of crime and she obeyed, not because she wanted to, but because she didn't feel like she had any other choice.

• (ages 14-17) rosie was walking through a mall, casing a few stores that looked like they might be easy marks for some light shoplifting, when someone stopped her and asked her if she'd ever thought about modelling. when she shook her head, they handed her their card and told her to have her parents get in touch with him. that man would later become her agent, lawrence carver, after her parents spoke with him and asked about the details. and when they heard how much money she could make, and thought about how it would all be theirs because she was still a minor, they jumped in with both feet. it was money they wouldn't have to work for, no matter how hard rosie herself would have to work. the industry was rough, and she was used to being pushed around, so when she was taken advantage of in more ways than one, she didn't know how to fight it.

• (age 17) lawrence, despite being almost twenty years older than her, had been one of the people to take advantage of her. he spent a lot of time with her and saw how easily she could be coerced into doing something. for rosie's part, she saw lawrence as a possible way to escape the clutches of her parents. if he married her, she would no longer be their dependent and she could get away. instead, rosie got pregnant and lawrence dropped her like a hot potato. her parents, taking the last of her money, abandoned her too. she bounced from couch to couch, sometimes sleeping on a park bench when she couldn't convince a friend to take her in. she didn't see a doctor once during her pregnancy, and still managed to bring a healthy baby boy into the world in the back of an ambulance she couldn't pay for. when her son was born, she didn't look at him, and the first time she was left unsupervised, she got up and walked out.

• (age 17-19) when the full impact of what had happened to her finally hit her, she had a complete breakdown. she was found, bloody, broken and babbling to herself on the street and still being a minor, was taken in as a ward of the state and institutionalized. she stayed for a year and weekly therapy sessions, group sessions, and some legitimate education saw her getting well enough to be on her own. when she was an adult and could no longer be considered a ward of the state, she was released.

• (age 19) during her time in the mental health facility, she completed the program that would allow her to get her g.e.d. and when she left the facility, she applied for, tested and was given the equivalent of a high school diploma. it was the first thing she did for herself and it felt good to finally be her own person, making her own decisions. she decided she wanted a fresh start and moved up the coast to boston, massachusetts where a friend she had been keeping in contact with lived.

• (age 20) her friend, josephine, had been a model when rosie had been in the business and they'd always gotten along fairly well. what rosie didn't know, was that jo also participated in the bdsm community as a sub. being a submissive, being told what to do and how to do it, didn't appeal to rosie anymore. she never wanted anyone to tell her what to do again. but there was a need for a dominatrix and rosie thought she could do that pretty well. after a good year of training and exposure, she was highly sought after. she was not only beautiful, but seemed to be able to anticipate and fulfill her clients' needs without being told.

• (age 21) men were not her only clients, however, and rosie broke the cardinal rule of being a dominatrix. never fall in love with a client. but maggie was different. more than playing domme and sub, they talked. they seemed to come from similar backgrounds (deadbeat parents, being used and abandoned, even the teen pregnancy) and they had so much in common that rosie found herself wanting to spend every waking moment with her. but like all good things that so rarely happened to rosie, it ended. maggie left without a word, and try as hard as she might, she could never track her down to ask why or find any closure.

• (age 22) since being immersed in the fashion world as a model, rosie had taken a keen interest in it. but more than wanting to model it, she wanted to create it. and more than outward fashion, she was interested in undergarments and lingerie for special ocassions. she never asked herself why, but if she really sat down and thought about it, she would have realized that because she had so few special and intimate moments of her own, she wanted to be able to create them for other people. her stint as a domme provided her the income and ability to work on her lingerie line. she wanted to sell it in small boutiques, but found a better market online. although she still sells online today, she focuses on keeping it stocked in mrs. johnson's adult novelty shop.

• (age 24-current) although she tried to continue being a domme for a good year or two after maggie left, she found that the whole debacle had soured her on it, so she went looking for work elsehwere. her favorite boutique sex shop happened to be looking for a clerk at the time, so she applied and got the job. business wasn't exactly booming, but they had their regular customers, so it was really just rosie and claire johnson who ran the place together. during her years there, she's come into contact with some very interesting people. claire and rosie became good friends, and rosie looked to her like the mother figure she should have had in her life. claire loved and supported rosie, never having had any children of her own, and showed her every day, especially by stocking her lingerie in the store. but she was older, and after rosie had worked there for about 5 years, the matronly woman passed away and left mrs. johnson's adult novelty shop to rosie.

• (age 27) rosie decided she wanted to get a college degree, and since she owned her own business and helped claire with hers, she felt business would be a good fit. she enrolled in online courses through fisher college and graduated with a degree in business management. after her g.e.d. it was the proudest moment of her life, and she and claire spent the evening having expensive steaks and drinking lots of wine. it proved to her, once and for all, that she belonged to no one but herself and that she could do anything she set her mind to.

03. comicverse




metamorph (includes: metamorphic adaption, enhanced physical attributes, accelerated healing, toxin & disease resistance, retarded aging & psychic defense)
master combatant, trained actress, expert marksman, multilingual & covert operative
the changeling
initials match, modeled, gave a baby up for adoption, had a mental breakdown, fell in love with a woman
03. miscellaneous

personality the five best words to describe rosie on the surface would be aloof, strong, listener, funny and girlie. to strangers and those who don't know her well, she tends to come off as aloof, but not unfriendly. she just keeps herself at a distance, afraid to become too involved and potentially lose the friendship or the person themselves. she has a strong, no nonsense attitude and doesn't take direction very well. she is a good listener and will always lend an ear to someone who wants to talk. she is also not shy about sharing her own personal experiences, as long as they aren't some of the more painful ones. very few people know about her son, her parents, or her life before she came to boston. she likes to crack jokes, enjoys memes and comedy with the best of them, but a lot of it is to keep herself from having to think about or talk about some of the more painful things in her past. rosie loves to dress up and feel cute and sexy. she wears her own lingerie under her clothes and although she has her casual days, more often than not she can be found in a dress, especially during the summer months.

the five best words to describe the rosie that her good friends and lovers know would be tender, motherly, optimistic, stubborn and fragile. rosie has a soft spot for the people who have really stuck by her and gotten to know her, whether she wanted them to or not. she cares deeply for people and tends to cling to them, but tries not to because she's always afraid at the back of her mind that something bad will happen. she's motherly and is not afraid to tell things like they are. she will give advice and be supportive, but she doesn't sugar coat things if she knows that a hard truth will help more than sweet words. the last ten years have proved that things can go right for her, so she's been stubbornly optimistic that she'll have a happy ending in her life and tries to look for the rainbows instead of the thunderclouds. rosie is as stubborn as they come. she will not do something if she doesn't want to, and she automatically doesn't want to if she's told to do it. she's a lot nicer about it and will consider it far longer if someone asks nicely. but even a joking "smile" or "shut up" will result in her refusing and saying "don't tell me what to do". underneath it all, though, rosie is fragile. she's had a hard life, and even if the last several years have been good, it really wouldn't take too much to put her over the edge and into another breakdown.

facts • rosie's parents are still alive and somehow found out that she lives in boston, so every now and then they'll come around looking for a handout. depending on her mood, she turns them away or gives them enough money to get them out of her hair for a while.
• she doesn't know what became of her son, but she's spent the last year looking for him. he would be thirteen now, and she just wants to know that he's alright.
• love scares the shit out of her. the three great loves of her life (lawrence, maggie and claire) all abandoned her or died. now, she can't help but hold people at arm's length just in case they decide to split, too.
• she dislikes being told what to do so much that even if it's a friendly suggestion, her immediate reaction is "no".
• although she no longer practices in the bdsm community, she still has contacts and is more than happy to talk about it and mentor those who are interested.
• she runs her shop by herself, closing it for holidays and vacation time. but she may be looking into a clerk or two in the near future.
• she continues to sell her lingerie online, although it is mostly stocked in mrs. johnson's shop.
• she sees a therapist on a weekly basis, to keep herself sane and away from the edge of another breakdown.
• when she's not at the shop or sleeping, she enjoys cooking, yoga and reading.
• even though she's been severely burned by love, she remains a hopeless romantic and maintains a strong maternal urge to mother those around her and to have more children some day.